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Hey, I’m

Theodis Samuels

Actor / Performer / Model


About Me

Theodis Samuels might describe himself as your drunk uncle . he sees comedy as essential for humanity,which is why he's spent nearly a decade of his life pursuing it. He likes to take his stand-up on the road, working as a traveling comedian and meeting new people. From Texas to Georgia and Alabama, if  he can perform those states he can perform anywhere. he's a part-time southerner living in Miami. But He's been all over the country, doing shows as far as Colorado. He coordinates and hosts comedy and music shows as well and has headlined improv shows at dive bars, restaurant, etc. Theodis grew up with eight siblings, so you know H

e's got personality. This also means he  understands how differently a group of people can view the world while still having so much in common. He recognizes comedy as something that can break through those differences to unite us, allowing us to connect with other experiences. He's a notorious storyteller and believes stories and comedy can serve as a gate out of depression and a reprieve from a world filled with chaos. Theodis means "Gift of God" or "Gorgeous Gift" and that's what he hopes he brings to the world through comedy and stories.



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